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Northstar Dark Garnet First Quality Rods

Garnet Dark is the most saturated self-striking Ruby Northstar currently offers. It is best suited for thin stringer, thin blown work, and lip wraps. The self-striking rubies are the next generation of colors offering the user cleaner purer colors with less air and difficulty in working. When working NS-87 Garnet Dark use a hot oxidizing flame. Once hot NS-87 Garnet Dark will turn transparent just as the standard Northstar rubies, but as it cools it turns a uniform ruby red. The strike is easily repeatable, and the final color is not affected by kilning. Even after numerous reheats no livering will occur. Note the final shade of red is slightly darker than the initial color of the rod. Once heated and allowed to strike, the final color can be viewed. After prolonged use in sculptural and inside out applications NS-87 Garnet Dark can develop a deep brown hue. This can usually be reversed by heating the color until molten. For additional information about self-striking rubies refer to Newsletter issue 26.


Unit quantity is per ounce (28 grams).

Discounted pricing rate for 16 Ounces (Pound Min).

Minimum purchase of 4 ounces.

Weight 0.02834 kg
Dimensions 50 × 2 × 2 cm

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