Hey all,

With the end of the year fast approaching Tribe Boro felt it was a good moment to pickup and join in on the global seconds sale from the now combined house of Northstar Glassworks and Trautmant Art Glass color rods. Our current stock pile includes a range of the ever popular Slymes and a range of Abe’s experimental catalog with a few CFL options to make things a bit more transitional. So till the end of december 2018 Tribe Boro will be running 20% off the retail price with all the usual bulk discounts still applied so if you wanted to run some of your own experimentation’s on colors we have you set.

New website features such as directory listing and information wiki are still progressing but the desire to have a heavily cited work reference and a complete to satisfaction means like all human endeavors that it will take the time it takes to finish. But if any one out there has a list of terms, scientific papers, instructional, tips, tweaks, history that would be of benefit to all please feel free to submit it to [email protected]

Todays update is a short one as space making and additional infrastructure is in the works to prepare for the next arrival which possibly will have us working well over the Christmas break packing and unpacking a new boro rod and tube suppliers as most requested by everyone will be a treat to announce.

Tribe Boro will be open for business all non public holiday days so orders will not be affected by delayed packing, delivery and courier networks are expected to be busier than ever so do order ahead to ensure prompt arrival.


Cheers all.

Tribe Boro Crew

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